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-mail? is it hue ray or no way for the nsa. they released documents showing over a three-year period they collected thousands of e-mails for those who had no connection to terrorism. one was from a ruling overseeing an agency overseeing the collected and bundled internet data. communications were being scooped up along with those from potential terror suspects. critics of the program were quick to latch on to these revelations as proof that it can't be trusted. defenders point out it was the agency itself that discovered what was happening and brought it to the court's attention. for more let's go live to "red eye" senior national security correspondent. >> what i always said, first it was gay marriage and now it is men in squirrels. squirrel doesn't know what is go osmght he is looking for the nuts. i know that feeling, jim. doesn't the fact that the nsa realize what was happening and went to the court show that it takes americans' privacy rights seriously? >> this shows that the nsa was gobbling up e-mails like a game show contestant, grabbing dollar bills being blown around by a fan. just grabbi
on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. coming up on the big show. the nsa is reading your e-mail. or do they? one thing is for sure. they either do or they don't. plus a new poll shows that 40% of white people don't have any close friends of a different race or as a racist would say, a new poll shows that 60% too many white people have close friends of a different race. and finally, ipads for prisoners? this time you've gone too far, obama. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> see you later. >> maybe. >> no. let's welcome our guests. she's so hot her middle name is kelvin. kelvin is spanish for hot by the way. i am here with fox business anchor lori rothman. isn't she adorable? >> that was not adorable. >> you are grounded. and if hilarity was a caw -- comono i would slip inside of him after a hot bath. it is remi! in the prompter it says rhymes with philosophy. and his mere existence is a hate crime against humanity, my sidekick, bill schulz. and his mustache once scored a hat trick in the stanley cup finals and then stole a zamboni where it opened up a supper club. john bolton, fox new
goats? in 2011, the house of reps passed a bill that created the nsa's telephone meta data collection program. you remember that? but last week, the house barely voted down an amendment that would have killed the program. many voted against the tsa program this time including 50 who just two years ago voted to authorize it. so former george w. bush speechwriter added that this closes an intelligence gap that made the 9/11 attacks possible. anyway, prefer to focus on this. by the way, i meant to say nsa, not tsa. and the person who made that mess take on the prompter is now going to be punished at my apartment. so he says when terrorists succeed -- if this nsa program is taken away, the answer will be it's your fault. that sounds like something you would say. >> yeah. i would say that. i am so tired of both sides of the aisle the more ons that we e sending to washington. i'm going to make some hay off of it. and the great washington game, that they never like to actually talk about is that the congressman and the senators get briefed in on programs constantly. and they always know abou
of the week, the nsa revealed that its officers occasionally use the eavesdropping capabilities to spy on their love interest. yes, instead of national security they were checking on their lover's purity. one official tells the "wall street journal" that love cases make up most of the misconduct and there are only a few handful of cases over the past decade and result in administrative action or firing. meanwhile in an example of the nsa doing its job, the german magazine which is german for der-spiegel reports that the agencyien scripts the video conferencing system allowing it to have data from the new york-u.n headquarters. here is one of the videos secretly taken from inside the u.n. >> time for your snacks. there is one. you are going for three. >> he is going for three you animal cruelty person. >> that was the king of belgium. he abdocated not long after the video. >> since you started talking i will go to you. go ahead and bash the men and women who keep us safe via the nsa because keep in mind that mike baker could kill you using nothing but his left ear jie. and a cheese puff
of things i really question, you know, the legality of the drone strikes and the nsa revelations are -- you know, it's like -- you know, jimmy carter came out and said we don't live in a democracy. and that's a little -- that's a little intense when an ex-president says that. so, you know, he's got some explaining to do. particularly for a constitutional law professor. >> must have. blue shirt day on bet. anyway, on friday, obama called a press conference to address his relationship with damon directly. >> we have conversations. they're candid, they're blunt. often times they're constructive. i know the press likes to focus on body language, and he's got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom, but the truth is that when we're in conversations together, often times it's very productive. >> that's exactly what you say when you dump somebody. oh, you know, it's actually not so bad. because you're not the one profess dumped, president obama. you know what's not very productive, interrupting a guy's workout. >> president obama is the guy doing push-ups and t
people from benghazi and the nsa and the drone debate and the complete and utter failure of our horrible economy. >> you said all that needs to be said. >> i would just offer on top of that one portuguese water dog, get yourself a yellow lab. right? come on. the other side is the name bo and sunny, these are the names people give dogs when they are not the ones naming them. okay, bo and sunny. if obamas had a sense of humor they would call them achmed and lennon or something like that. no? >> i want to get back to being serious. at a time when americans can't find one job how shameful is it for the president and his family to have two dogs? it is a slap in the face of the american public. >> i am going to say something controversial. i like this dog. i want to pet this dog. >> go to commercial! >> bars and tone! >> i want to give the dog a hug. he has little white boots. sunny, i want to give it a hug and kiss it and pet the dog. i will say it. >> you are like the mayor of san diego. >> i want to get back to something buck was saying. sunny is a portuguese water dog. i guess an american
neighborhoods. i will say are you for the nsa looking into your e-mails and phone records? if you are for that, you have to be for this. you can't be for that and not for this. >> amen. >> it has to be one or the other. it is the same thing. it is a personal -- a front that somebody who is not carrying a gun walking down the street and then all of a sudden somebody says, we are going stop and frisk you. we have to do this. this is our policy and howdy meaning that must be -- how demeaning it must be for the person. the other thing is don't do it. see if it turns into chicago. >> thases -- that's a scary thing. they do a controlled trial of a drug and a drug is not working at all, so they just stop it. they only do it for a year and then in three months everyone is dying from it. i think we should stop it. that's what happened. i agree with you. stop and frisk is nsa on foot. that's what it is. the fact is it works. i am tired of people saying that they are against the nsa and for this. it seems to be telling me something about who they are okay with searching. >> how do we know it works? clim
these people have a point. >> you know what it is -- >> the nsa stuff. >> it used to happen in london when they had the pedophile hysteria. they would see somebody who would be a -- what's it -- >> pediatrician. >> pediatrician. they would -- a real dumb person would go, that's a pedophile. >> that happened with pee wee herman. >> wait a second. >> here's what happened there. first of all, from ferris bueller's day off. he got caught. >> really? >> the gummy bear guy? >> he is forced to rat out people. know anyone else into weird stuff? he goes, i know paul rubins and john wallace. they swoop in on him. >> really? >> it's like mccarthyism. there's always these trends. maybe i'm changing my mind on the nsa. >> he mentioned my name. i wasn't as big a celebrity at the time. i was working on a book, doing research for a book is what it was. >> bill -- >> go ahead. that's not mccarthyism. that's what happens. help yourself out. they're always going to sell everybody else they know out. they won't cooperate. >> there are trends. >> the ones that will get the cops, prosecutors and politicians the
that the nsa broke the privacy rules and can anything be done to stop the abuse of pour in washington? plus political
that is not good. >> right. all of that stuff. if you want to talk about a good idea for the nsa to be gathering up your phone calls while looking for the tsarnaev brothers and not finding them, that's a fine debate. saying this guy is dangerous, and what did rand paul say about christie? he is the king of bacon? do you think that referred to government spending? >> i can't imagine what else it could refer to. a couple things quickly on this reading contest. amy, you seemed to not believe that little tyler weaver was reading these books. you said he may not be retaining what he reads and ask about the books. as part of the competition a librarian aide questions them about the books to make sure there is no cheating. >> how do we know he didn't just read the synopsis? >> i passed many a test that way. >> and tom you said everybody is at their peak of maturation in their 20s. that's physical maturation. >> that's what scientists say. >> physical, and not emotional. and you said if you believe in the afterlife and god maybe you don't want to live forever. you do if you think you are going to the bad p
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)